Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to redden your lips.

Shalom! Do you wish to have red pinkish lips? Well everyone would say YES! FYI, lipstick will redden your lips -only TEMPORARY. As for long term, lipstick will cause your lips to turn dark! Shocked? Well now that you know, STOP USING 'THEM' if you are! (Hey! Read the sentence above -again, how many time did I use the word LIP? Lol!)

Here's some tips for you to redden your lips naturally. 
*Its FREE and EASY. :)

1st of all, you need to know what causes the lips to turn dark?

-it is due to excessive smoking or chewing nicotine based products and drinking alcoholic beverages. Overuse of cosmetic products like lipsticks may also cause lips to turn dark. Drinking too much tea and coffee may also make lips turn dark. Prolonged exposure to the harsh rays of the sun may also lead to a similar condition. 
*In that case, I should invent a sun-lips (sunglasses) to protect our lips when we are expose to rays! I'll be billionaire for that. Wink wink :)

 -several simple home remedies to make lips look pinker. You should make sure to remove dirt particles, oil and dead skin cells that accumulate on the lips throughout the day. You may gently wash your lips with some cold water every night before going to bed for this purpose. You may also wipe your lips very gently with a ball of cotton wool soaked in chilled rose water to make your lips look softer and pinker.

-Another remedy is to mix a pinch of turmeric powder with teaspoon of cold milk or milk cream and massage your lips with this paste every day for five minutes. This will make your lips look naturally red and supple. Massaging the lips with some glycerin on a daily basis also helps restore to the lips their original color. One of the most popular solutions for solving the problem of dark lips is to smear them with a little honey every night before going to bed. This nourishes the skin cells of the lips and makes them look brighter naturally.
*Just make sure your accommodation is free from bees and ants! You'll regret if you have to wake up with swollen lips! -I know Angelina looks good.  Haha..

-For another remedy, mix a teaspoon each of almond oil and lemon juice and apply this mixture on the lips every day. Leave it on till it dries and then wash your lips with cold water. You may also add a little powdered sugar on a thin slice of lime and rub your lips with it very gently. This acts as a natural exfoliating and bleaching agent that makes lips look smoother and redder. Overnight application of a little clarified butter on the lips also helps redden their color naturally. You may also soak a few almonds in half a cup of milk overnight, grind them finely to a paste the next morning and apply it on your lips. This helps make lips regain their original color in a few months. A mixture of some gram flour, a spoon each of honey and yoghurt and a few drops of lime juice may also be used regularly on the lips to make them redder.




    1. Thanks so much. The little mixtures were brilliant and I accidentally licked my lips a few times it was well YUM!!! I guess this is your own website. How old are you? xxxxx

  2. gosh! one question does brushing your lip well help ? or not?